Supporting organic grain production in Wisconsin

OGRAIN provides resources, research, events & community for organic grain production in Wisconsin

  • We provide learning opportunities to improve your organic row crop and small grain operation.
  • We conduct research on organic grain production practices in Wisconsin.
  • We connect farmers, researchers and industry experts across the state to share their knowledge and expertise about organic grain production.

Whether you farm 10 acres or 10,000; whether you are an experienced organic grower or just considering the transition to organic; the OGRAIN community of experienced growers, researchers, industry experts and others is here to support you.

The networking facilitated by OGRAIN events such as the annual conference and field days, and the OGRAIN listserve are invaluable.

– OGRAIN community member

Because of the support provided by OGRAIN conferences, list-serve and online resources we had the confidence to begin growing a wider variety of grains and to make improvements in our storage and cleaning facility… the learning curve is shortened because of… OGRAIN.

-OGRAIN farmer participant

Our events and resources cover topics including:

  • Organic weed, pest and disease management
  • Cover crops and termination
  • Organic no-till and reduced till practices
  • Grain storage and marketing
  • And much more!

The 2024 OGRAIN Winter Conference is on YouTube!

Check out our new farmer & researcher video series!

Popular resources and events:

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